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When President Bush ordered the relocation of senior government officials after the September 11 attacks, most of them were taken to a place known as Mount Weather.

If the Shadow Government has a capital, it's Mount Weather.

Mount Weather is located along Virginia Route 601, near the town of Bluemont and the intersection of Loudoun and Clarke counties. It actually has an address (19844 Blue Ridge Mountain Road) and signs on Route 7 and the intersection of Routes 50 and 17 indicate the way to "Mount Weather EAC."

Mount Weather is a virtual underground city capable of housing over 2000 people, with twenty separate "buildings," some three stories tall, buried over 300 feet into the granite of the mountain. Each building is linked to the others by a network of tunnels, complete with sidewalks. There are two 250,000 gallon water reservoirs, a sewage treatment plant, power generation facilities, a hospital, a crematorium, and a radio and television studio that could be used to communicate with the public. The various buildings and tunnels are reinforced by iron bolts driven up to ten feet into the surrounding rock. The entrance is protected by a door measuring ten feet tall and twenty feet wide and five feet thick, weighing 34 tons. It seems that the ability to withstand a direct nuclear strike was one of the design criteria for the facility.

Mount Weather includes extensive computer and communications equipment for quickly assessing the scope of any catastrophe, determining available resources, and communicating with personnel outside the facility and directing their activities. Private quarters are provided for the President, Vice President, Congressional leaders, the Cabinet, and members of the Supreme Court; others inside would have to share dormitories or cots. It is believed that duplicate copies of all COG plans and other vital national records are also inside the facility.

Mount Weather might also hold a secret, parallel "government in waiting" in case everyone in the Presidential line of succession is killed in a surprise attack. A report in the November 18, 1991 New York Times stated, "Acting outside the Constitution in the early 1980s, a secret federal agency [FEMA] established a line of succession to the presidency to assure continued government in the event of a devastating nuclear attack, current and former United States officials said today. The program was called 'Continuity of Government.' In the words of a recent report by the Fund for Constitutional Government, 'succession or succession-by-designation would be implemented by unknown and perhaps unelected persons who would pick three potential successor presidents in advance of an emergency. These potential successors to the Oval Office may not be elected, and they are not confirmed by Congress.' "Responding to the growing Soviet nuclear

INSIDE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: National Security and the Cult of Secrecy includes more details about Mount Weather and other COG facilities (both civilian amd military) located across the country.

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