Taking a Beeline to Weight Loss Can Result in Health Loss -Watch out!

Health is the one and the only thing that you need to invest and to be blessed to have a long life on this planet. How do you invest in good health? A Good diet, a maintained weight, a balanced lifestyle, and fitness the investment you can make. It is your commitment and determination which can meet these criteria. Your weight can easily be maintained with a good nutrition diet plan and regular exercise which implicitly form a part of a healthy lifestyle. So, we understand that as our weight get maintained, our body remains healthy.

Do's and Don'ts of weight loss

Do not Starve – People believe that you lose weight if you starve. But it is a pure delusion. When you starve, you lose your muscles and not fat. This slows down your metabolism and makes your body weak. The bottom line is that when you follow a healthy dieting, you will lose fat.

Do not skip breakfast – You can opt for a quick breakfast but never skip this vital meal of the day, even when you are running out of time. Simple food like fiber-rich cereal, oatmeal, whole-grain bread or fresh fruits, are quick options to keep you moving with the clock.

Do eat some good fat – Not all fat is bad for the body. Some healthy oils rich in omega 3 are essential for our body. They never get stored as fat in our body.

Do not have dinner late – While you are sleeping, your metabolism is slowed down. What happens with a late dinner is that most of the food gets stored as fat.

Don't eat saturated fat – Mostly found in cheese, beef, milk, bacon etc. It is good to limit these fats. Avoid red meat and opt for lower fat options white meat and low-fat dairy products. The above do's and don'ts are good to follow, but here I would like to stress upon another very important point and that is the fad diets which are over-ruling the market.

Don't look for shortcuts - Nowadays you hear about a lot of products marketed for quicker weight loss. These are the evolution of fad diets and they are quite misleading. Having listed what, you need to keep in mind to maintain your weight, the bottom line is how easy and how determined we can be to incorporate these lifestyle changes to our lives. It is a perpetual change that you must get to practice. People get frustrated in a short period of time and tend to give up on the whole regimen because losing weight in actual is a very slow process.

Our slothfulness becomes someone's gain. The fad diet evolution is the best evidence. The markets are flooded with supplements for weight loss, the so-called fad diet, all in a pill. These are available off the shelf. You can just pop the pill and wait for the magic to happen. No workouts, no sacrifices, sheer magic. Don't ever get lured with such products, because there is no magical way of losing weight. These products are quite appealing with the promises that make for an easy and quick weight loss. People love to try such quick fixes over the long-lasting changes that they will have to bring in their eating habits and the pain of exercising daily.

These diets work for a short time span. What that you lose by consuming such pills are water and fat from the lean muscles, not really the fat in the body. As I researched over the effects of fad diets, I read through the buzz about Garcinia Cambogia extract diet pills. This is a tropical fruit that grows in Indonesia and considered very healthy and tasty. It is also rich in iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium etc. Well, the tricky component of this fruit which sets its place in the fad diet is that hydroxy citric acid (HCA) in its rinds of this fruit which suppresses hunger and prevents the absorption of fat. Medical researchers have proven that the consumption of this ingredient in larger quantities has severe health risks like liver damage, lower immunity, fatigue, nerve damages to list a few.